Inflatable Buoys  A-HD series

Inflatable Buoys A-HD series

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Product Description

Buoys “ A-HD” series are presented in 7 different sizes.

The rope eye is extra heavy duty.

Specially designed for fishers who want the extra edge.

They obtain 80% less drag to the water than standard round buoys.

That means faster pick-ups and less strain as there buoys skip along the water.

The structure of these buoys is stronger than the models inside the world-wide market.

Made with hard and flexible vinyl’s, especially for the sea.

Moreover , our new metallic valve avoids all air losses.

They have a high abrasion resistance.

They resist common dissolvent and mineral oils as well as resisting sun light.


Colours                 Red                        Orange                 Yellow                   White                    Green                   Blue


Size Chart
A-0HD 20cm74cm27cm2.5cm6kg30pcs
A-1HD 29cm90cm41cm2.5cm15kg20pcs
A-2HD 34cm110cm49cm2.5cm31kg15pcs
A-3HD 46cm144cm57cm2.5cm56kg10pcs
A-4HD 53cm166cm64cm2.5cm90kg10pcs
A-5HD 62cm194cm80cm3.5cm160kg10pcs
A-6HD 85cm267cm100cm3.5cm326kg5pcs