PA R Series Float

Inflatable buoys “PA/R” Series

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Product Description

Available in two sizes.

Made with hard flexible vinyl’s , specially to withstand the toughest seas conditions.

They resist common dissolvent, mineral oils as well as sun light.

They have a high abrasion resistance.

The rope eye is extra heavy duty.

Made by injection, it warranties the highest strength to breakage available in the market.

Our new metallic valve avoids all air losses.

PA/R series have been specially designed for industrial fishing.

These buoys obtain 80 % less of drag to the water than standard round buoys.

That means faster pick-ups and less strain as these buoys skip along the surface of the water rather than digging as round buoys do.

Specially for crab fishing, long lines and tammels.


Size Chart


REF                         Diameter             Circum                  Length                  Hole                       Buoyancy                            Packing

PA/R-2                  32 cm                    98 cm                    60 cm                    2.5 cm                   32 kgs                                    10 Pcs

PA/R-3                  41 cm                    125 cm                  76 cm                    2.5 cm                   57 kgs                                    6 pcs